What technology is included?

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Phone systems have been purchased in bulk and therefore Blue Hills is able to offer free internal phone calls, free local and std calls. Calls to mobiles and international calls will be invoiced to you directly. Line rental per month will be at a reduced rate of $20.00 plus GST Electricity has also been purchased in bulk through AGL. Each individual unit has an independent electricity meter, and Blue Hills in conjunction with Intermoco read these meters and distribute the bills monthly. All residents reserve the option to use an alternative electricity supplier; however the cost of the connection and the replacement of the meter must be borne by them.
A winter concession amount of approximately $140.00 is available to eligible residents.

There is an internal movie and information channel available. The movie channel is 57 and movies are played three times a day at 9am, 12 and 3pm Monday to Friday. The information channel runs continually on channel 34.

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