Who is the owner and Manager?

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The owner of Blue Hills Residences is Blue Hills Residences Pty Ltd (ACN 095837915) and the manager is an individual employed by Blue Hills Residences Pty Ltd. Currently the manager is Louise Morison. Louise has been with the company since the beginning and she holds a diploma of Business. Blue Hills Residences Pty Ltd is a private company. It is a sole director company and the company director is Judith Clarkson. The executives and key personnel of Blue Hills have been involved in the retirement industry for many years and their expertise will ensure that Blue Hills remains at the forefront of retirement living concepts.

Blue Hills is a member of the Retirement Village Association Australia Ltd (RVA) and is committed to the national independently assessed accreditation scheme. Accreditation sets the standards for retirement living environments and operational practices for the effective management and satisfaction of residents. These standards are independently assessed by qualified surveyors before accreditation is granted. Blue Hills is fully accredited with the next review date scheduled for March 2013.

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